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Swami Vivekanand
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Anandamai Maa

Almora is known for its spiritual aura as many known spiritual leaders have lived here and gained spiritual knowledge. Experience Yoga & Meditation@ Savoy.

Swami Vivekanand travelled to Almora 4 times. He stayed at Kakrighat (28kms from Almora) and Kasar Devi (8.5 kms from Almora) where he spent several days meditation and attaining spiritual knowledge. When you visit Almora you should visit all the places associated with Swami Vivekanand. Firstly visit Vivekanand Corner to view the sunset and enjoy the mountain view which is just a walk away from the hotel. Vivekanand Corner was earlier known as Bright end corner. You can book Swami Vivekanand trail @ Almora tour to follow the path once taken by Swami Vivekanand.


Anandimai Maa’s Ashram at Patal Devi is just 4.8 kms from Almora. Maa had stayed in Almora while travelling to Kailash Mansovar.

Yoganand Satsangh Sakha Ashram : Very close to Almora i.e. in Dwarahat we have the famous ashram where Mahavatar Babaji gave Lahiri Maharaj his first spiritual summon / Kriya Yoga. Lahiri Maharaj was the guru of Yoganand Paramhans guru.

The famous Dol Ashram is also situated about 40 km from Almora, in the tranquil and serene environment. Dol Ashram, Uttarakhand A prime center for yoga and meditation.

Hotel arranges for day trips to these location

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Paramhans Yoganand 
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Dol Ashram
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